Friday, June 14, 2013

Haynie Public Library in Prague OK Wows 'em again

JUNE is an exciting time for children and patrons of the HAYNIE PUBLIC LIBRARY in Prague, OK.  We started taking sign-ups for children of all ages for our summer reading program for 2013. The children were excitedly anticipating the beginning of the program scheduled to start on June 1, 2013.  We presently have approximately 150 eager participants.

Our first adventure of this summer reading program was EXTREME ANIMALS hosted by  our Prague Library and presented by Shana Witt from EXTREME ANIMALS  on Wednesday June 5th.  Most of the children were curious and excited to get a close-up look at several animals including Charlotte, the rose haired tarantula; Titan, the albino Burmese python; Rooie, a red kangaroo; Romeo, a ring-tailed lemur, and Chomper, a dwarf Caiman crocodile, and many other interesting species.  The children got "up close and personal" and enjoyed it immensely.  Overall, the children seemed to be most impressed with Titan the python.

The Prague Library Summer Reading Program has each participant set his or her own goal.    They are all busy working towards their goal.  We have some participants that had already completed their goals by mid-way through the month of June. Whenever the child completes 5 books or 5 hours of reading, they bring in their tally booklet and they receive their prizes.  These prizes are always bright, colorful and something that most children love!  They can choose a prize out of the container that is categorized for their earned  award.  Their tally sheet is then marked according to their accomplishment.  They are always ready to start working towards the end result.  If a child reaches his or her goal at any time before the end of the program,  he or she may set another goal and can receive more prizes to match their accomplishments.  Their smiling faces and their sense of accomplishment means so much to them. Their self-esteem, confidence and responsibility increases as they learn to meet their goals and then are rewarded for their efforts. 

The second week into the program, children learned how to make "dirt babies". This event was given by Gordon-Cooper Vo-Tech.   They had a great time. Not to be outdone by the older children, each toddler had his or her own time spent by listening to a story read aloud to them by Ashley, an employee of the Haynie Public  Library in Prague OK.  The older children gathered at the  Prague Community Center where they were given their supplies needed for the construction of their "dirt baby".  A dirt baby is a project that is similar to the well-known Chia pet, made from seeds being placed in the toe of the hosiery" and dirt being poured over the seeds and then  placed tail end down in a cup of water after tying the toe of the hose above the level of the dirt leaving a "tail".  Then the "baby" is placed in a cup of water as required by the amount of dirt that was put into the hose.  The "tail" absorbs the water and feeds the seeds and WOW!  The seeds start to grow in "hair" at the top of the dirt, growing from inside the hosiery.  In a short time, they have their own Chia pet that they made themselves and then decorated the outside of the cup however they wished.  Some of the children named their "pet" a favorite name to be cherished while watching how nature transforms a small seed into an amazing experiment.  We don't know if the children delighted in what they had accomplished or enjoyed the grown-up sponsors and the fun they had completing their own project more!

Our next adventure planned for Wednesday 19 at 10:30 at Prague Community Center is "Magical Michael".  This program was popular last year and we are glad that he is coming to entertain us again this year. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013


On Wednesday, May 15th, Haynie Public Library hosted a training workshop for several libraries across the state. The training was on how to use the Cisco Video Conferencing System the library recently acquired through funds received from the BTOP Grant. BTOP stands for Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.  With these funds, the library is able to offer video conferencing. Video Conferencing leverages telecommunication technology to allow two or more locations to interact live two-way simultaneous, video and audio. Some potential uses of video conferencing would be Education, Distance learning (K-12), college, continued education; NASA and other government/business; real-time streaming video programs; health- tele-consultation, remote health monitoring, remote health training and certification, Employment-remote job training, job interviewing; Economic Development-Enhance communication with remote business partners and investors; Egovernment-Communication with loved ones in military, town-hall meetings, streaming government speeches. The library has adequate space with conference table, seating and lighting in order to accommodate the equipment which includes a 52” screen. Richard Anderson, Anderson Corp LLC is the technician that is in charge of the installation and all technological issues.

Lance Ford with Cisco Systems was on hand to teach the class.

Library director Pam Batson and library assistant Carol Hunter attended this workshop.


This Friday, May 24, kids can start signing up for the summer reading program. This year's theme is "Dig Into Reading!" Any child age 5 and up can join.  When you come in to sign up you will receive a reading log, bag and a bookmark. You set a goal on how many books you would like to read and as you reach certain areas of your goal, you will be rewarded with a prize. Once you reach your goal, you will receive a ticket to attend the Family Fun Day which will be held the last Wednesday in June at the Prague park. Each Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., for the month of June, we will have a program for the kids to enjoy which will be held at the community center. The programs that we will have on hand are as follows: June 5th, Extreme Animals; June 12th, Gordon Cooper Community Center will host a program on gardening; June 19th, Magic Michael and June 26th, Family Fun Day at the Prague park. At each program there will be door prizes awarded!

For children ages 2 -5 we will have a Toddler Time with a story & prizes each Wednesday from 9:30=10:00 a.m. at the library.

Come and join up!